Signs Of An Addiction


Knowing the signs of an addiction can help you to identify the problem and deal with it before it is too late. There are millions of celebrities that overdose every year, and this is because of the fact that people do not take action in time. However, there are reasons that people do not do anything when someone is possibly addicted to a substance.

One reason why people delay taking action is because they do not want to be seen as a bad person. People simply do not want to lose a friendship with a friend or family member because they took action based on the fact. If you find yourself avoiding the facts due to this reason, it is important that you find the courage it takes to get over this.

Even if your friend or family member is mad at first, they will eventually get over it and forgive you. In fact, you are doing them a favor by offering them the ability to get into treatment sooner. When you are dealing with an addiction to a substance, timing can make a very big difference. There is always a risk that someone who continues use may overdose, and this is something that could result in death.

When you take action despite knowing that the person will be upset, you are making the right move under the conditions that you are facing. Another reason why people tend to avoid taking action is because they do not want to be wrong in there move to action. It is possible that you could identify someone as an addict and then set into motion a process that would lead to treatment. If the person does not have an addiction, they will likely be pretty upset with going through this.

If the person does get mad, you will need to understand that it will not last forever. If you care about the well being of this person, you owe it to them to find the courage that helping them will take. Addiction is not only difficult on the person that is using, it can be very hard on everyone that is involved.

When you know what to look for, you will be able to use this information in order to tell you exactly when you should act. The mistake that you want to avoid is going on feelings alone, as you need to take into account the facts of the situation and then move into action.

Some of the biggest signs of an addiction to look for would be changes that exist within the person and their normal course of action. It can be very difficult to look at specific signs that are common to all addicts, but knowing how someone acts on a daily basis can give you a lot of the information that you may be looking for.

Something that should trigger a reaction from you would be them not showing up for work on time, missing appointments, severe money troubles, anger issues and becoming distant with people that were once close. When you know someone very well, you can tell how they act on a daily basis. If the actions of this person are no longer reflecting the person that they once were, you may want to consider the option of setting up an intervention.

Some other common signs that exist with all addicts would be eyes that are blood shot, glassy eyes, increased temper, dry mouth, depression and anxiety. While any of these signs may be occasionally present in someone that is not addicted to a substance, it is important that you consider them as part of a larger picture. If you know that a person has been taking painkillers for a very long period of time, this would give away the answer.

A habit can become an addiction very quickly, you need to understand that doing something is important. Another sign of addiction is increased tolerance to pills, this means that larger amounts are taken in order to get any relief from pain. If you have a family member or friend that is showing a combination of these signs, you want to take action and look for help. A treatment facility would be the best solution.

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