Overcoming Drug Addiction


Make no mistake about it, if you find that you are caught up in the habit of doing drugs you are in for a fight that many never overcome until it’s too late or their lives have become unmanageable. Overcoming drug addiction requires you to be armed with the proper tools to accomplish the task. You should be aware that sheer willpower alone may not be enough to slay the addictions that affect so many.

To those on the outside it may simply seem like you just have no control over yourself and they say you should just stop. What they don’t realize though is that for some people it is not quite that easy. There are some individuals who are more prone to addictions than others and the addiction can be either physical or mental and many times even both.

In the course of becoming addicted to whatever ones drug of choice may be it eventually becomes more a habit than anything else and so the bad habits need to be broken. There are some guidelines that should be adhered to that can help you to overcome whatever substance abuse issues you may have in your life.

One of the most important issues that must be addressed is that you must realize that you do have a drug addiction. Others may be able to see it but until you fully accept it along with the fact that you need help it will not go away on its own. The following are some guidelines, that if followed will put you on the road to overcoming drug addiction.

1. Stop Using Drugs

Of course this is stating the obvious however it must be mentioned. Depending on what drugs you are currently abusing this may be easier said than done. Some drugs have dangerous withdrawal stages. However there are ways of dealing with this and the bottom-line is that you must cease all drug use in order to begin your separation from them.

2. Detoxification

In order to successfully remove all drugs from the body you must undergo what is known is a complete body cleansing. This is especially important for those that have participated in years of drug abuse because as long as those toxins are in the body they can contribute to physical cravings for certain drugs. In addition undergoing a physical detox will prepare your body as well as your mind for the new life that you are striving for.

3. Living Life Without Drugs

In order to begin your drug-free life you must regain the ability to function in social situations without the use of alcohol or drugs. It may be necessary for you to regain your confidence in your communication skills as well as interacting socially in order to build up your self-esteem as a person that is no longer under the influence of any mind altering substances.

4. Learning to Forgive Yourself

This is a very important step in the recovery process and one that has caused many addicts to relapse. One of the best ways to do this is by seeking out those individuals that you may have hurt during the course of your addiction and asking for their forgiveness. Many times the guilt of what we have done to others can become an unbearable force that will lead us right back to abusing drugs and this in itself becomes a vicious cycle. Ask others to forgive you, forgive yourself and hold your head high as you attempt to become a new person or the person that you used to be.

5. People Places and Things

As stated earlier drug abuse becomes a habitual course of action the longer that you abuse drugs. A very effective method of preparing yourself to overcome your addiction is by separating yourself from the people that you were doing drugs with, not going to the places where those people are and drugs can be obtained and changing the habits or things that you do that were revolving around drug your use.

Finally the recovering addict must begin a new lifestyle in order to successfully refrain from relapsing. One thing that must be noted however is that relapse is sometimes a part of the recovery process. Not everyone looking into overcoming drug addiction is going to go clean the very first time they attempt to become drug-free. The important thing is that if you do relapse you get up dust yourself off and continue to fight the good fight.

As a recovering addict you need to have a support system around you that will encourage you, be there for you and help you maintain a level of awareness that will prevent you from sinking back into the same habits that got you here in the first place. Overcoming drug addiction is well worth the fight that it takes as it will reward you with a more satisfying, happy and fulfilling life. Remember that help is available but only if you want it and seek it. Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are an excellent place to find out information that will help you get on the road to recovery.

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