5 Clever and Practical Ways to Quit Drinking Beer Effectively

Ways to Quit Drinking Beer

Quitting on a habit that you’re accustomed to can be difficult, and it’s the same with beer. However, there are simple ways to quit drinking beer so you can have a healthier and better lifestyle.

Start changing your life today with these tips that can help you in achieving a healthier and better lifestyle. Here are some tips for you.

1. Establish Small Goals

There may be times where you cannot avoid beer, so it is also best to establish small goals. One step at a time. You can start by simply reducing your beer consumption slowly. If your habit is to drink beer eight to ten times per night, then set your goals to deduct one every couple of days. What is recommended to prevent severe withdrawal is only two to three beers. It is one of the best ways to stop drinking beer.

These small goals will help you reach your ultimate goal. One may not easily jump to quitting beer right away, so the secret to success is with the small goals. The end goal of stopping your craving for beer may drive you crazy, that’s why it is best to start with baby steps so you can slowly monitor your progress. You’ll be used to it, and you would realize that you’re getting closer and closer to your primary goal. Almost all goals can be achieved with this method. By the way, even small goals can become easier to accomplish if you break them into tiny steps. Start small; you’ll achieve it.

2. Fill Your Stomach, Eat Food

Reduce your cravings with food. Believe it or not, it’s one of the best ways to quit drinking beer. Have a good, solid meal, and this would do the trick. It’s true that beer lovers would want to drink during one of their meals. Instead of filling their stomachs with a nutritious meal, beer would substitute it as their food. If you love to drink, you must never skip a meal to have a sense of fullness. Consider eating a full meal three times a day as a secret weapon to stop drinking beer. Enjoying a healthy meal is a sure way to minimize your beer craving. If you are tempted right at this moment, eat first. It should eliminate all of the urges.

Also, the temptation to drink might just be your body wanting sugar. Eating sweets each day means addiction to sugar. Your body gets sugar from different sources; this includes alcohol. The healthiest way though is removing alcohol and sweets. However, if you drink a lot, try some desserts and check if it lessens your desire for beer.

3. Water Therapy

One of the simple ways to quit drinking beer is giving your body what it needs, water. Only a few people drink the right amount of water, which is around six to eight glasses per day. It doesn’t include soda, juice, beer, coffee, tea, wine or other liquids. Beverages are not water because of its ingredients like artificial colors, flavors or caffeine. Your body would go into work mode filtering the unwanted stuff to get the water that it needs.

Water is a nutrient with high importance to your body. It provides a lot of benefits to your health and is very much required in every part of your body. It is a fact that without water, we will only last for two days compared to food which is three weeks. Make it a habit to drinks lots of water to quit your beer addiction or craving, your thirst may not be related to beer at all but merely water.

4. Temptation Avoidance

It’s a fact that most people drink beer because of various reasons. As early as possible, it’s good to start by avoiding situations where you’re tempted. Situations may include those pub quizzes or if you are used to drinking while eating, just visit restaurants that don’t sell beer. Think of those times when you would often drink and try to substitute it with something else. Instead of visiting the pub after work, you could plan to meet with friends or loved ones at the park, mall or cinemas. You could even try a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym or take an exercise class.

Knowing what triggers the craving is critical, especially when you have a hard time quitting before. You could break down those situations like visiting a pub or restaurant that serves alcohol and start avoiding them.

5. Reward Yourself

A clever way to encourage yourself to stop drinking beer is to reward yourself for each process you accomplished. You must acknowledge your progress, and there is no better way to do this but getting a price. Don’t be too harsh on yourself as well if you fail sometimes. Rewarding yourself is best paired with setting small goals. It keeps track of your progress and increases your motivation. Each goal achieved is a perfect moment for a reward, and every reward means getting closer to your goal. It makes it one of the clever ways to quit drinking beer.

Rewarding doesn’t need to be by you alone. You can ask and talk to your loved ones about it, and they would be delighted to join. Your wife, your parents, or someone very close to you will certainly enjoy it. It’s a win-win situation. You would accomplish your daily goals, plus you get rewards. Also, think of the money you spend on beer, you can use it for something important, or you can save it. You’ve got nothing to lose, in fact, you’re going to gain something beneficial – a healthier body.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want just to lessen down your beer intake or completely give up alcohol, these ways to quit drinking beer can certainly help you. There will be times that you will fail, but don’t give up. Most individuals who succeeded in quitting beer experienced setback. You may not be successful on your first attempt, just keep on trying and have that determination in achieving your goal.